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BEST TIME:June to February

DESTINATION: Machame, Arusha National Park, Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro crater.

Itinerary Description by Day

Day 1. Arrival in Kilimanjaro International Airport.
On hour arrival in Kilimanjaro Airport, you will be met by your safari guide with a billboard written “ MOAK Tanzania Safaris Ltd” and your name at the bottom, then shirt briefing about that day then you will start driving to Arusha town (1 hour)for overnight stay.
Accommodation at Arumeru River Lodge/ Planet Lodge/ Maasai Camp.
Day 2. Cultural experience in Maasai village.
Pre departure briefing at the hotel lounge/Campsite, loading stuff in safari converted vehicle, drive in town for last minute shopping then start heading to Monduli Mountains for the afternoon activities, it will take you 1 hour to reach this area which is inhabited by Maasai people. Arrive at the camp in the afternoon, picnic lunch will be served at the campsite which is located in Maasai villages . After lunch your local Maasai guide will guide you walking in village to experience local people daily activities, It depends your arrival day, if it is the market day your guide will take you in the market which is full of people. Return at the campsite in late afternoon just before sunset.
Accommodation at Village Camp.
Day 2. Full day walking in Maasai steppe.
07.30 breakfast at the camp, take picnic lunch and drinking water wth you. Another day if walking in this beautiful mountainous Maasai land , today your guide will take you in the bush to learn about traditional medicines, then proceed with a walk towards rift valley escarpment vicinity, few wildlife can be seen today like Gerenuk antelope, Ostrich, giraffes  etc.
Picnic lunch will be served in the wild.
Return at the campsite in the afternoon for the rest and shower. Maasai traditional dance will be performed  at the camp.
Accommodation at Village Campsite.
Day 3. Afternoon game drive in Tarangire National Park.
In the morning after breakfast, you will pack your stuff so that the camp crews can break the tents, load the vehicle then start driving to Tarangire National Park which will take you 2 hours. Arrive at the camp to off load the vehicle, afterwards start driving to the park gate for entry formalities, picnic lunch will be served at the gate while the guide is filling the papers. Commence a game drive to this majestic park which is dotted by huge baobab tress while the big herds of elephants are roaming around. Thus park has highest number of elephants in northern Tanzania, also lions, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes, cheetahs, birdlife etc can be witnessed.
Game drive will continue till late  afternoon when you exit the park and heading back to the camp fir overnight stay.
Accommodation at Wild Palm Campsite.
Day 4. Guided cultural walking in Authentic villages.
Early wake up at the camp, get the cup of coffee/tea then you will start guided walk  which will take you through the Maasai authentic settlements all the way near the east side of Lake Manyara  which is the home of flamingoes, the view of great rift valley is amazing. Back to the camp for brunch, after meals break the camp and start departing to Babati town for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation at White House Guest House in Babati town
Day 5. Visit Kondoa Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings.
Early breakfast, then with picinic lunch departing to the Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings which is located 20 km from Kondoa town. The drive will take approx 1.30 hour. These paintings are in series of caves curved into the side of the hill, the caves contain paintings some of which are believed to date back more than 50,000 years. These caves are one of several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Tanzania. The paintings are of elongated people, animals and hunting styles. Arrive at Tanzania Antiquities Department for registration,  take a paintings guide then drive to a certain point where you will start a walk towards the caves, picnic lunch will be served at the caves, in the afternoon around 02.00pm you will start a journey back to Babati town for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation at White House Guest House which is close to Lake Babati.
Day 6. Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park.
Breakfast at this beautiful guest house, then packing and stsrt driving to Lake Manyara National Park (2 hours), arrive at tbe campsite around 10.00am, drop cook and camping gears, then off to Lake Manyara National Park (5 minutes), check in and start a game drive st this attractive park, it is located on the floor of the great rift valley, this park comprise several vegetation zones namely; Under-ground water forest, light acacia woodland, bushland, marshes,, fresh water streams and soda lake which occupy most of the area in the park, also in this park you will see beautiful Hot Springs.
This park is the home of troop of blue monkey, baboon, vervet monkeys, herd of elephants, tower of giraffes, school of  hippos, pride of lions, dazzle of zebras, sounder of warthogs etc
Game drive will be done till around 5.00 pm when you start heading back to the camp for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation at Twiga Campsite.
Day 7. Game drive and birding in Ngorongoro crater.
Breakfast at the camp, depart to Ngorongoro Conservation area ( 1.30 hour), check in at the gate, drive on the beautiful rim of the Ngorongoro crater which is covered by highland forest, watch out for elephants, buffaloes, Leopards on the way plus beautiful Schallows Turaco birds. Arrive at The camp, off load camping stuff and the Chef! Descend in the crater for the game drive which will last 05.00pm. This is really ” Noah’s Ark” due to abundance of wildlife co-existing in this 19.5km wide caldera. It is the hime of many species like Lions, Black Rhinos, Elephants, Hippos, Flamingoes etc.
Return to the camp before sunset.
Accommodation at Simba Campsite.
Day 8. Hiking Olmoti crater.
Breakfast at the camp, around 08.00am drive around the crater rim to Olmoti crater, this is kne of the three craters found in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, it is the beautiful crater surrounded by the forest, arrive at the camp which is located on the foot of the crater around 10.00am, build the tents, lunch at the camp. In the afternoon around 01.00pm with the company of armed ranger start a trek to Olmoti crater, animals like Bushbuck antelope, monkeys can be seen while walking but the main purpose of the trek is not to see the wildlife bu to be close to nature! The walk will take one hour to the top of the crater rim, enjoy beautiful views, walk to see the Munge Water falls. Afte that you will slowly start heading back to the camp. Arrive at the camp around 17.30hrs. Get evening tea/coffee, have hot shower, then dinner.
Accommodation at Nainokanoka Campsite.
Day 9. Full day walking to Bulati through Embulbul depression.
In the morning around 07.00am you will get your breakfast, and soon after breakfast with picnic lunch you will start a trek to Bulati village through Embulbul depression ( 5 hrs), you will have unforgettable experience when you cross this beautiful depression which is dominated by open grassland, animals like ostriches, jackals, zebras, wildebeest plus the Maasai people herding their cattle are common. The third highest peak in Tanzania called Lolmalasin is clearly visible from this area. Armed Ranger/Maasai Warrior will accompany you at this wonderful trek. Arrive at the camp around 03.00pm, Coffee/Tea time at the camp, then you will have an option of visiting primary school which is nearby.
Accommodation at Bulati Campsite.
Day 10. Hiking Empakaai crater.
Breakfast, then you commence another day of experiencing Tanzania on foot! Picking packed lunch then  accompanied with Armed Ranger/ Maasai Warrior start trekking to Emapkaai crater; the third crater in the area, you will spend 3 hours to reach the crater rim then 30 minutes descend. This is another magical area, the crater floor is covered by the alkaline lake, the lake is full of Flamingoes. The Maasai’s sacred mountain called Ol Doinyo Lengai clear from the rim of this crater, this is the only active volcano mountain in Tanzania.
Descend in the crater, walk around the lake, birding, then start hiking back to the rim which takes approx 45 minutes. On the rim you will find your vehicle waiting for you, then drive back to the same camp for overnight.
Accommodation at Bulati Campsite.
Day 11. Game drive en-route to Serengeti National Park.
Good morning Africa! Breakfast, break the camp, packing the vehicle then start a long drive to the famous Serengeti National Park ( 6 hours). Drive through Embulbul depression, Nainokanoka village, the rim of Ngorongoro crater, then you will descend to the endless plain of Serengeti/Ngorongoro. The terrain will dramatically change, you are now in Savannah,drive through the dusty and shaky road to Serengeti Naabi hill gate. Picnic lunch will be served at the gate, check in then drive for another 1 hour to central area where the campsite is, arrive at campsite, build the tents, then off again fir the afternoon game drive. Back to the camp just after sunset for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation at Seronera Campsite.
Day 12. Full day game drive in magical Serengeti National Park.
Wake up at 06.00am, get a cup of Coffee/Tea, then start an early game drive, the light is amazing in the morning, your guide will take you where Serengeti’s best scenes are, continue with  game drive in this Serengeti central part for 2 hours, back at the camp for breakfast around 09.00am. After breakfast and short rest, with picnic lunch you will continue with a day long game drive, back to the camp in late afternoon for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation at Seronera Campsite.
Day 13. Game drive in route back to Arusha town.
Breakfast, packing, loading then with picnic lunch start a long drive back to Arusha town (9 hours). Arrive in Arusha town before night fall.
Accommodation  at Ilboru Safari Lodge/ Planet Lodge/  Maasai Camp

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