6 Days Umbwe Route

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6 Days Umbwe Route


Suitable for fit hikers only, this is an extreme variation on the Umbwe Route, ascending via the Western Breach. Participants should be fully aware of the level of exertion and danger before booking this trip – exactly what some rare visitors are looking for.


This is a 6 day Kilimanjaro hike starting at Umbwe Gate and ascending via The Western Breach. Due to the relatively extreme nature of this trip there are generally less people than on other routes and if guests have altitude sickness they will not be allowed to ascend the breach. This is the 7 day version with a night in the crater – pre acclimatisation on Mt Meru is strongly recommended.
Please note: This route is inherently more dangerous than other routes for 2 reasons. Firstly, the amount of time spent at high altitude and accessing the western breach. This route should only be undertaken by fit individuals with experience of altitude and adventurous training.


Kilimanjaro: afromontane forest, Barranco valley, Lava Tower, glaciers and the Western breach. Unusual ascent of Kibo, walking in the Kibo Caldera and option to visit the ash pit. The Roof of Africa!